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Early in my practice I realized that when we are able to handle stress we cope more easily with the changes and challenges of life. 

So I became a lifetime student of stress relief, recovery and resilience, discovering practical and effective ways to transform stress, burnout and trauma and live with ease.   

This is my work that I love to share.

I am a Professional Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, and a Professional Member of the International Stress Management Association (UK).


My initial qualifications were as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Hypnotherapist (British Hypnosis Research and National Guild of Hypnotists), and as a volunteer counsellor for Victims of Crime and Families of Murder Victims (Victim Support UK). Since then I have studied many health related subjects and modalities.


For almost thirty years, in the UK and Canada, I have specialized in stress, working in private practice, within GP medical offices, natural health clinics and for corporate clients – supporting people through stress to wellbeing - one step and one person at a time.


​We ALL go through stressful times and I am no exception. I just feel lucky that generally I can recognize what’s going on and take quick remedial action.

After my car hit black ice, shot off the highway into the mountainside and was a total write-off, I observed myself going through some of the symptoms of trauma – shaking, flashbacks and extreme fear. I was so grateful to know and use some of the healing strategies that I share with clients.

Experiences in our distant past can affect our present day, causing static to our mental and emotional clarity and comfort. At a young age I was sent to boarding school in a different country to my parents. This was a mixed blessing – it caused stress and false beliefs about myself and life that had to be unravelled as an adult and it increased my understanding and compassion for others.

I feel incredibly lucky to have deeply satisfying work that I love and I am so very grateful to my clients for their trust in me as they move through stress and reclaim their lives with renewed energy and vitality.  


I have written three books on stress and trauma:

Stress Wisdom – The Holistic Approach to Stress

Let Stress Heal Your Life – Uncover Your Amazing Capacity to Thrive

From Trauma to Tranquility – A Guide to Inner Peace


Stress Wisdom Solutions™ is a holistic stress management method that I have created – read more here. 


Having travelled widely, I now live in Canada. I love nature and walking with Zephyr, my dog, reading, sketching, and spending time with family and friends.

I'd love to meet YOU.

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