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Recover your energy and vitality!

Reclaim Your Life!

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"Gillian's knowledge, skills and holistic approach have enabled me not only to enhance my life but to transform it." PB

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I help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to

Transform Stress into Wisdom and Strength.

It is my passion and delight to share the journey

of discovery and recovery with clients as they develop

the skills to cope with stress and handle their lives with ease.

"... in just a short while I have completely turned things around and have accomplished goals that I thought were impossible for me to achieve.” RD


Holistic Stress Management for Personal Empowerment


Sharing skills and strategies to nourish and nurture your mind, body and emotions, lift your spirit, cope well and walk lightly amid fear, chaos and confusion.

“Gillian has a unique combination of clinical skills, integrated with a strong sense of empathy and compassion. She has discovered ways to promote active self-healing in a minimum amount of time within individuals ... "

M. Nestman, Director, CURA Institute for Integrated Learning

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Transforming Stress into Wisdom and Strength

Do you:

  • Feel overwhelmed and struggle to cope?

  • Have heart or digestive problems or headaches?

  • Worry or get angry, upset or panic easily? 

  • Do you feel exhausted almost all the time?

  • Do you work long hours and achieve very little?

  • Has Covid-19 turned your life upside down?

  • Are you on stress leave?

I will help you to:

  • Learn proven successful techniques to relieve your stress

  • Uncover your strengths to help you cope

  • Develop new skills to master problems

  • Have strategies to handle pressure, challenge and change

  • Feel confident and at ease

  • Live with energy and vitality

  • Feel safe and at peace

You, your life, your experiences and situation are unique.
Your Personal Coaching sessions will be designed specifically for you – for your relief, recovery and resilience. 

The process is gentle, easy and comfortable. Whatever the circumstances, I believe that healing and lasting growth happen gently and naturally.

I will share the most practical and effective strategies and techniques with you that have helped my clients to successfully transform stress, trauma and burnout into strength and resilience.

Together we will create your personal blueprint - a compass to guide you through stress to thrive.

FREE Stress Relief Strategy Session

In your Strategy Session, we will


  • Assess your stress levels 

  • Discuss the issues that most concern you

  • Uncover some of the obstacles that have been draining your energy and causing your stress

  • Imagine how you will feel when you can handle the challenges and cope with eas

  • Create a plan for the first steps you can take to get your life back from stress and feel free and alive.

I will answer any questions you have, explain how we will work together, and create a program to fit your life.

Gillian has helped me to focus my goals in all areas of my life, to make many positive changes including taking better care of myself so that I can take better care of my family. Thank you Gillian! JC

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“Following the breakdown of my marriage, I was in a very distraught and emotionally unbalanced state and unable to face the future. Gillian helped me to like myself again … to regain my self-confidence … turn my life around. I am happier with myself now than I have ever been.”

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