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Gillian has helped me to focus my goals in all areas of my life, to make many positive changes including taking better care of myself so that I can take better care of my family. Thank you Gillian! 


In just a short while I have completely turned things around and have accomplished goals that I thought were impossible for me to achieve. 


Following the breakdown of my marriage, I was in a very distraught and emotionally unbalanced state and unable to face the future. Gillian helped me to like myself again … to regain my self-confidence … turn my life around. I am happier with myself now than I have ever been.


Gillian has a unique combination of clinical skills, integrated with a strong sense of empathy and compassion. She has discovered ways to promote active self-healing in a minimum amount of time within individuals who have suffered extreme trauma. MN

Gillian has a wealth of expertise in her field of stress management, and consistently gets positive results from her clients, whose lives are changed by the work they do with her. I am always struck by the power of her way of working, helping clients to see what is happening, and providing actions  to counter the aspects in life that are not helping them live the way they want. She has deep empathy at the same time as being able to positively challenge habits and scripts so that people feel back in control of how they can move forward. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find balance and peace in the face of stress or post traumatic issues, and those who need a listening ear to decide how they can take the reins of life again.


Gillian Padgett is the person you will want to seek out if you are feeling stressed and experiencing the fallout in your body or mind. For me, stress interfered mostly with my sleep and so I took her course to improve my sleep. Worth every minute I spent with her soft voice and gentle insight, and she is the first name that comes to my mind if (no, when!) I bump into more stresses that disrupt my life.


I highly recommend Gillian's stress management services. I found Gillian while I was off work dealing with Burnout and unmanageable stress levels, anxiety and depression. Gillian helped me work through years of PTSD from my work environment, reduced my anxiety - I respond now instead of react. Gillian has given me tools to manage situations when they arise. She was supportive through (stages) of healing, growing and transforming me into a healthier person with boundaries. I have discovered new hidden creative talents that I did not think I possessed, in painting and drawing. I ended up leaving my old job and found a new one that I love and feel productive and respected at. There were many ugly stages along my journey (including the deaths of my father and uncle). So grateful to have found Gillian, to help me find myself again, happiness and joy in life and work, and given me tools to monitor myself and keep me in the 9-10 zone! Thank you Gillian!


Gillian’s coaching was a tremendous help in my stressful life. I am a registered nurse whose work is mentally and physically exhausting; on top of it, I also recently went through a substantial financial loss which almost destroyed me emotionally. Gillian’s gentle and sensitive guidance took me to the place of acceptance, learning my lessons, shaking off deep sadness, and moving on with confidence and hope.Her strategies assisted me in carrying on and acting upon my circumstances and thriving as the end result. With her help, I was able to deal with overwhelm, depression, guilt and shame. She taught me the importance of self-care, self-patience, and I learned that I am worthy of self-love. Today, I am much more centered, balanced, hopeful, and committed to positive changes in my life. Thank you, Gillian! 

During the 5 years Gillian was with us she regularly took referrals of victims of rape, serious assault and families of murder victims. These victims received expert counselling/therapy from her to benefit and continue their normal lives again. We cannot thank her highly enough for what she has done for our most seriously damaged clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any organization.

PH - Coordinator - Victim Support,  Bristol, UK

Gillian’s knowledge, skills and holistic approach have enabled me not only to enhance my life but to transform it.


Thank you for helping me to return to work. I had not left home after being attacked in the street walking home from work. I am so glad Victim Support suggested my mother took me to see you. I feel safe again.



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