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For Harmony and Balance of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit


Stress, Burnout and Trauma can knock us off balance, causing a very long list of health problems - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. 


Holistic Therapy combines many modalities to speed the return to harmony and inner balance, and support health and wellbeing. 

The Intake Form, completed before your first appointment, will provide basic information for  your Holistic Therapy Plan. LifeStyle and Stress Assessments can add valuable insights and guidance for moving forward. 

You will discover proven successful strategies and techniques to balance your mind, body, emotions and spirit. You will develop self-awareness and learn when and how to cope with challenging situations and be able to rebalance at any time and anywhere.  

At your Discovery Session we will discuss the best Holistic Therapy Package for you - which can include Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

The first appointment is for 90 minutes. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes. 

For further information on Holistic Therapy check out FAQs and Blogs


With signed client consent, I will liaise with healthcare professionals (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Medical and Complementary Healthcare Professionals) and Human Resources Personnel to discuss client healthcare needs, wellbeing and progress.  


For Effortless Change of Habits, Thoughts and Reactions

Hypnosis is a gentle, comfortable and deeply relaxing process. 

It can be used for pain and stress management, to increase self-confidence, change habits such as stopping smoking or losing weight, and to cope in challenging situations. It is also used for release of trauma-related symptoms such as frightening memories, panic attacks, anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares.

In a deeply relaxed state, the hypnotherapist may lead you on a journey, tell stories, make suggestions or allow your subconscious mind to search for solutions to bring about healing. 

Your conscious mind may be actively listening, or thinking of other things while your  subconscious mind follows the suggestions to break unhealthy habits, thought patterns or reactions and make positive, lasting, healing change.  

The first appointment is 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes. 
For further information on Hypnotherapy check out FAQs
and Blogs


For Comfort, Ease and Energy Flow

Reiki is a form of Japanese Energy Healing that is also used in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Reiki is gentle and non-invasive. The client remains fully dressed and the practitioner places their hands on, or just above them (head, limbs and body), holding them there for 3-10 minutes.

In a calm setting, Reiki can induce deep relaxation, which in itself is healing. As with Acupuncture, it can help to clear blocks and improve energy flow around the body, and can also be used for distance healing.

Many hospitals, medical and complementary professionals offer Reiki within treatment plans. However it should never be used to replace medical treatment.

Please always consult your medical professional on all matters related to your health and wellbeing. 


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